As more states legalize marijuana, more children accidentally ingest THC-laced edibles

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from The Washington Post,

In January, a 12-year-old in New Jersey was taken to a hospital after eating a large quantity of what appeared to be Skittles candies but turned out to contain THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that produces the high sensation. In December, a 3-year-old was rushed to the hospital after eating candy that looked like Nerds Rope but was laced with THC. And in September, a young boy in Massachusetts ate so many THC-laced candies that emergency room doctors found about three grams of THC in his body, a huge amount even for an adult.

Poison control centers across the country say they have seen a spike in the number of children who have ingested THC after eating their parents’ edibles, rising from just 19 cases in 2010, before recreational pot was legalized in any state, to 554 cases last year. About 400 of those cases were children under age 5.

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