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from The Gray Area:
1/20/21; updated 2/2/21:

It was discussed regularly during the run up to the November election that liberal COVID shutdown states/cities would magically find ways to reopen after the election. They are starting to talk about it now, even during a COVID spike.

This past Saturday it was reported that a Biden caravan of migrants, thousands strong, are heading to the US border from Guatemala. (COVID be damned I guess)

And, Monday, The New York Times says Biden’s team wants to get back to the pre-COVID Trump economy (2 days before inauguration).

In addition, Tuesday it was reported that the FBI says no plot against Biden was found.

And, WaPo says Trump did not incite the Capitol riot.

What if the economic story, the new migrant caravan story or the COVID re-opening stories had run prior to the election in November? What if the FBI & incitement stories had run a week ago, right after the Capitol riot? Well, we know the answer to those questions, they wouldn’t have.

These stories all reveal the manipulation of the news media for political purposes – to support the Democrat party. And, that surprises no one.

There will be more stories to come. As well as old standby stories of the last 4 years which will get no further hype against the current administration, such as hurricanes & climate change, or fascism, or voter fraud or … It’s all very predictable.

Updated 3/15/21:
WaPo finally admits COVID-19 is not a death sentence.

The Washington Post quietly admits to misquoting Trump in conversation with Georgia officials

Updated 2/15/21:
Here is another example. Look at the NYT chart in the tweet below. The absolute peak of the winter COVID spike is almost exactly Biden’s inauguration day. Coincidence? Hardly. Reporting changes? Likely. Natural winter cycle? Maybe.

Also, lets look at the situations by state. All through 2020, the media told us Gov. Newsom and Gov. Cuomo were doing things right shutting down hard. Govs in Florida, Texas & Arizona, too lenient, killing people. Even WaPo says Millions of jobs probably aren’t coming back, even after the pandemic ends

Now Newsom and Cuomo are under threat of impeachment by their states citizens. Even Democrats are starting to pile on. Ok, now that the election is over. Look at the comparison of results between Florida & California in this article. Easy to understand why people from both California & New York are moving there in droves.

Updated 2/2/21:
U.S. COVID-19 Cases Fell 34% in Last 2 Weeks. What happened two weeks ago? Oh, right, the inauguration of Joe Biden. Are we still in ‘flu season’? Did it get reported also that COVID deaths in January were the highest of any month? Aren’t new strains being spread now? I wonder how all this would be reported if Trump were re-elected?

N.Y. Severely Undercounted Virus Deaths in Nursing Homes, Report Says. Like the Hunter Biden story resurfaced after the election, this one resurfaces two weeks after the inauguration.

Updated 1/25/21:

California lifts statewide Covid stay-at-home order, allowing restaurants to reopen

Updated 1/22/21:

Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon and other corporate giants move to step up vaccine rollout

Some of Trump’s foreign policies are worth sustaining. Biden should keep that in mind.

Updated 1/21/21:

It’s a Miracle! CNN Says Virus Numbers Have Suddenly Improved