Democrats Want to Make Sure Trump Can’t Run Again.

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

So the Democrats and the Drive-By Media are now doing everything in their power to impeach President Trump with, what, nine days to go before he’s outta there and Plugs is inaugurated. Nine days. And all of this based on the allegation that he incited the attack on Congress with his speech at the Ellipse. The New York Times even had a headline: “Trump Incites Mob.”

But let me ask you people a question, all of you, including those of you in the Drive-By Media who are suppressing the news. Have you noticed how nobody in the media is playing Trump’s speech. Nobody is replaying Trump’s speech illustrating how he incited this, quote, unquote, attack on Congress. Why is this?

Let me ask this question, folks. The fair test, the fair test to determine if Trump incited violence: What if a Democrat said what Trump said? Would that Democrat be blamed for what followed? No. Well, then how…? If a Democrat would not be accused of inciting violence using the same lingo that Trump used, then how can Trump be accused of?

Democrats Want to Make Sure Trump Can’t Run Again.

I know they passed an article of impeachment, and they don’t have time for a vote. This is all posturing. They’re trying to force Pence into invoking the 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment is not to be used for this purpose.

And that’s what this article of impeachment probably is. It’s probably a gauntlet that’s been thrown down, and now somebody’s gonna go tell Trump, “Look you’ve lost support up here among Republicans,” if he has. I don’t know. But they’re gonna go up there. It’s gonna be a replay of how they got rid of Nixon. They gonna go up there, and they gonna say, “Look, Mr. President.

“I don’t think that you’ve got enough support of the Republican side” if they follow through with this, meaning the article of impeachment. The article of impeachment is probably a gauntlet thrown down as the first step in a negotiation (potential negotiation) to get Trump to quit. And then once that starts, if it does, well, then, here come the negotiations.

And the Democrats are gonna demand that Trump — for pardon, for a full exoneration, for no pursuit by any other law enforcement — will never seek office again.

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