Believe what you saw. With all this country’s white grievance, it was inevitable.

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from The Washington Post,

I have lost patience with people who say they “can’t believe” that a mob of insurrectionists overran the nation’s Capitol. Believe what you saw. And perhaps you should have believed what you heard weeks before, because this violent outcome was foreseen and foretold. It was signaled and predicted. After all the falsehoods and fanning of outrage from the outgoing president, it was, in the end, inevitable.

What I couldn’t believe was the tepid response from the Capitol Police and the sprawling network of law enforcement agencies that generally are in tactical formation well ahead of such threats. Our collective rearview mirror still has the National Guard in full military gear, the helmeted police on horseback, the rain of rubber bullets and the clomp of jackboots during the Black Lives Matter protests of the summer. The reasonable conclusion after this week is that White lives matter more.

While the entire world was watching, America just doubled down on its centuries-old double standard.

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