Free speech is under attack

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from CFACT,

Free speech is under attack.

Social media tech giants — like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube — are waging an all-out war on anyone who dares challenge climate alarmist dogma.

In fact, yesterday, the CEOs of these social media companies testified before Congress regarding their alleged violations of anti-trust laws and censorship of those with conservative views.

CFACT has not been immune to such censorship. Over the past few months, our accounts at CFACT have had multiple posts labeled as “false” or “partly false” information simply because they differed from those of the liberal Left.

One such post we put up simply suggested the sun “could have an impact” on global temperatures. That was too much for the Facebook “fact-checkers.” They flagged our post because they wanted the public to believe only “humans” are causing the climate to change.

Michael Shellenberger, an environmentalist who recently made waves for apologizing for the climate scare, has also been subjected to extensive social media censorship.

Shellenberger writes: “I have been censored by Facebook for telling the truth about climate change and extinctions…Facebook has apparently deferred its science fact-checking to an organization called ‘Climate Feedback,’ which is misrepresenting the science…”

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