Woke White Liberals Think African-Americans Are Helpless

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from The Rush Limbaugh Show,

What ‘woke’ whites get wrong about blacks’ priorities

“This month’s protests started out as a black movement against police brutality, but they have a different look now. In many cases, whites have taken over” the protests, and that didn’t take long. Six out of seven of the protesters…

Pew Research. Remember? I had it last week. Six out of seven of the protesters — Black Lives Matter protesters — are white, and the majority of them are white college educated women, suburban college-educated women. “They apologize for their ‘white privilege’…” You ask: How do they know anything about African-Americans’ standard of living? They’re told that their existence, that their economic standard of living is because of white privilege.

It’s because they have denied African-Americans. The country has denied African-Americans economic opportunity. They’ve literally stolen from ’em!

“But why now?” Mr. Love asks. “To find out, I had to hear what whites were saying. I listened to the protesters, talked with my white friends and read articles and social media posts. What I found was white people overwhelmingly depicting black people as desperate and defeated, with no way to pull themselves out of their misery.”

“[W]hite wokeness,” particularly among affluent, female, white college students… “[W]hite wokeness is the new factor in our national life. It has been embedded into the consciousness of whites that all blacks are the same and that they all face impossible barriers to improvement — from standardized tests [stacked against them] to the black men being arrested on the nightly news. A growing number of whites believe that black life is unrelentingly grim.”

Liberals… This is what they’ve constructed in order to make themselves feel needed, in order to make themselves feel worthy of power.

Why in the world are the role models that African-American kids are told to look up to, people that go to jail, people have all…?

… it adds up to the soft bigotry of low expectations. Meaning, “I don’t think you’ve got what it takes, pal. Sorry! I just don’t think you can make it.” It’s one of the most insulting attitudes you can have to anybody, regardless of race.

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