Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Law

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from The Gray Area:

In this SCOTUS decision to deny Louisiana from requiring abortion clinic doctors to have admission privileges at a nearby hospital, there is a lot of legal and possibly political issues.

1. Roberts sides with 4 liberal judges. Yes, he did.

2. Roberts says he did that due to the precedent of a similar case in the Texas decision in 2018. He believes the court should be consistent and follow precedent.

3. Conservatives are beside themselves and against Roberts for continuing to side with the liberal judges. He must be a never-Trumper member of the swamp.

4. Liberals are happy about the abortion case win for obvious reasons.

5. Liberals are also scratching their heads about Roberts. Why is a supposedly conservative justice siding so frequently with the liberals? They like to say it is because the liberals are correct. They also wonder what’s up with Roberts, just like the Conservatives wonder.

6. Why is it Conservative justices will support liberal issues, but liberal justices will not support one conservative issue?

7. Does this kind of decision help or hurt Trump? Both liberals & conservatives believe it should help Trump because his supporters now believe he needs to be re-elected to get at least one more conservative seat on the Court.

from The Wall Street Journal,

By a 5-4 vote, the court rules there is no medical benefit from requiring doctors to obtain admitting privileges at a hospital before performing abortions

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