Roger Stone getting egregious legal penalty recommendation

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from The Gray Area:

So, this Roger Stone thing is getting 24/7 media hype to the point that you have to ask yourself what really going on here.

First of all, what did he do? Apparently he lied to the investigators under oath and tried to get someone to lie to support is story, suborning perjury. That sound very bad! When you investigate this a little, you see a guy who runs his mouth a lot to get attention and make you feel like he is somebody n the know. Because Trump met him, he is immediately a target to use to try to get Trump. The fact that he said some things that can be spun negatively for Trump and in support of the Democrat and media political narratives, even better. What got him the attention he wanted is he said he was reaching out to Wikileaks for the Trump campaign. No evidence exists for that. If he did, it was not part of the Trump campaign. But, then, after Wikileaks released the Hillary emails, Stone sent a congratulatory text to Wikileaks. This was all the Democrat, media and their legal attack dogs needed. He must have had a close relationship with Wikileaks. In the interviews, he got some of the dates of his activities wrong – liar! Then he supposedly threatened someone if they didn’t tell a story to corroborate his he would kill his dog or cat or something. Well, the guy supposedly threatened said he never took it seriously, just talk. His dog or cat or whatever is still alive and doing well.

Now to the 7-9 year sentence recommendation. For the ‘crimes’ discussed above, that is a harsh sentence.

Trump comes out on Twitter and says that sentence is crazy. oh no. The president is trying to impact the justice department – obstruction. Let’s impeach again. Is it a problem for the President to offer his opinion? He is not a part of an ongoing lawsuit. If he was, he should not comment. But, suppose CNN had asked the President what he thought of the sentence recommendation and he gave the same opinion. Is that now obstruction? I don’t think so. The issue is just as always, the media is not in control of what the President says, how he says it and when he says it. So it has to be bad in there world!

The AG William Barr comes out with an opinion that this sentencing is so egregious it has to be reviewed by the Justiec Dept. THERE IT IS! Proof, that Trump is obstructing justice and Barr is following his indirect lead on how to act. B—S—! Again, just to funny for words. And these people are supposed to be smart. What this really is, is the mirror effect. What I (Dems) accuse you of is what I (Dems) do. Therefore, you (Trump) must be executing these same political tactics as well. Remember ‘wing man’ Eric Holder! Wasn’t a problem then.

Oh, but then Justice department lawyers quit. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Now three years in, the pattern is clear. Deep state leftist, working to embarrass or entrap the president come out of the shadows and when they do, they have to leave before they will be fired. This is nothing other than further proof of deep state saboteurs.

The judge is in charge of what sentence is laid out. In this case, the judge has already proven her anti-Trump and left wing credentials in other trials. So we might expect even harsher punishment.

Will the Justice Dept and /or trump do something if in case that occurs? Probably. Because when you look at the details, not the media narrative, this whole thing stinks!

And as many people have said. Remember, if they can do these things to Roger Stone, Gen. Flynn, Manafort and others, simply because of who you associate with, they can also do it to you!