Schiff’s Impeachment Strategy Explained

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from The Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: What is happening in Washington with this ongoing manifestation of lies, … You know, this is so crazy. The whistleblowers don’t know half of what happened on the phone call! And yet all Schiff and his people want to talk about is what the whistleblowers heard. Despite the fact the transcript has been released.

There’s also a trick going on here, a famous CIA trick called the double loop. You have two whistleblowers. The second whistleblower informs the first whistleblower. The first whistleblower first blows whistle and then is backed up by the second whistleblower who’s actually the source for the first, which gives the first whistleblower supposed credibility.

The whole thing, this entire thing is a manufactured illusion.

Exactly right. And how’s that manifesting itself? Well, the ambassador. “State Department Blocks Ambassador from Testifying in Trump Impeachment Inquiry — An attorney for Gordon Sondland said the ambassador ‘hopes’ the State Department’s qualms that “precludes his testimony will be resolved promptly.”

This is exactly the White House not participating in this. This is so important.”

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