Media Bias on Blatant Display This Weekend

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from The Gray Area:

The Media Research Center noted several important points from Meet the Press this weekend, which are learning moments for anyone who still believes the mainstream media is fair & balanced.

Why would Republican appear on the “mainstream” Sunday shows? You could wonder after Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) was disgusted by moderator Chuck Todd’s “very biased opening” segment on Meet the Press, and Todd openly fought with him and wouldn’t let him finish a point as Johnson tried to tell him what he should ask John Brennan later in the show. Brennan received gooey sympathy.

Then Todd turned to liberal Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy, who’s used to softball interviews. Murphy was allowed to uncork long 180-word answers without Todd interjecting. Then Todd complained to Murphy, like they were teammates: “We have a major problem here. I mean, the– the comfort level that the senator had to character assassinate the show and us– in this– in this bizarre, personal way I think shows you where we’re headed. What do we do?”

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