It’s Government That’s “Ruining Childhood”

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Something else that came up yesterday that there is now a follow-up to.

Ready for the headline? “We Have Ruined Childhood,” New York Times, written by Kim Brooks. “According to the psychologist Peter Gray, children today are more depressed than they were during the Great Depression and more anxious than they were at the height of the Cold War.

There’s a follow-up today at a family-oriented website that just nukes the New York Times story. We are ruining families, we are ruining kids, but not for the reason the Times thinks. We are ruining kids by having government be in charge of too much of education and too much of their lives and not enough family involvement, not enough parent involvement. And the piece explores how this evolved, why it was permitted to happen, and what are the steps that we need to take to fix it.

Now, there’s a couple other things here that I have been patiently waiting to do. First story, Washington Post: “He’s 26 Years Old But Still Sees a Pediatrician: Why Some Young Adults Don’t Move on — When Joann Alfonzo, a pediatrician in Freehold, N.J., walked into her office recently she mentally rolled her eyes when she saw her next patient: a 26-year-old car salesman in a suit and tie. ‘That’s no longer a kid. That’s a man,’ she recalls thinking.

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