Drive-Bys Livid Tiger Accepted Medal of Freedom from Trump

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: So Trump gives the Congressional Medal or U.S. Medal of Honor, whatever it’s called, to Tiger Woods, and the Drive-By Media is livid that Woods accepted it, livid that Woods went up there and stood side by side with Trump and accepted this high honor. They’re ripping him to shreds out there.

In light of all this, “CBS, NBC Whine About Trump Giving Tiger Woods Presidential Award — In a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden Monday, President Trump awarded golf star Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contributions to the sport and his historic career. But members of the liberal media groaned because the two men had been friends for years. NBC Nightly News went so far as to have one of their analysts claim Trump had cheapened the award,” by giving it to Woods.

RUSH: Eugene Robinson, Washington Post, suggested that Trump has sullied the hallowed nature of the award. “He gives this award — which was a hallow award; maybe someday it will be one again — to people he wants to associate himself with. And so, he likes golf,” but Trump has tarnished this award by giving it to Tiger Woods. Here’s Christine Brennan, formally of the Washington Post, now USA Today. She was on CNN last night talking about this.

BRENNAN: Well, certainly Tiger was more heartfelt and more emotional than Donald Trump, who I don’t think he skipped even one sentence of the Wikipedia entry on Tiger Woods. Uh, my goodness. That went on forever.

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