Suddenly, Biden’s “Affectionate, Physical Style” Is a Big Problem

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: What they’re doing is trying to take out Joe Biden. This is the third thing in our roster today. All of a sudden, now, how many years has Biden been in Washington? Fifty? Thirty? Thirty-two. There’s a story here in the Washington Post, Colby Itkowitz that was published yesterday in the Sunday paper.

“Joe Biden’s Affectionate, Physical Style With Women Comes Under Scrutiny.” His affectionate, physical style. Okay. Affectionate, physical style, they now say, for Joe Biden. You mean like Bill Clinton’s affectionate, physical style with interns or Bill Cosby’s affectionate, physical style with dates or Harvey Weinstein’s affectionate, physical style with actresses or Amy Klobuchar’s affectionate, physical style with her staffers or, even better, Kermit Gosnell’s affectionate, physical style with newborns.

Here comes Joe Biden, who has been nuzzling women’s necks while massaging their shoulders, whispering sweet nothings into their ears for his entire Washington career, and they put up with it because it was just Joe and his affectionate, physical style. Everybody knew it. They put up with it. It was fine and dandy as long as he was a good sycophant for Obama, as long as he kept his place.

Now, where is this criticism of Biden coming from all of a sudden? There’s this gigantic story out there. Lucy Flores, Nevada state assemblywoman. She has accused Biden of attacking her, of molesting her, of making her feel nervous, of just making her feel generally uncomfortable, he was sleazy, she didn’t ask for it, and she says that because of all this he’s disqualified…

But it’s fascinating to me, folks, that all of the allegations coming forth about Biden’s affectionate, physical style are from Democrats. They’re all Democrats. Almost all of them are women Democrats. And look at the evidence they’ve been collecting! Look at the evidence they’ve got! Look at how long they have remained silent about this.

This is Joe Biden. He has been a hero for eight years during Obama because he was loyal and he spoke well of Obama, did great speeches for Obama at Democrat conventions, he was a good stand-in. But they’ve nevertheless been holding all of this stuff and keeping it for targeted release.

Dick Durbin, Dick Turban, the Democrat senator from Illinois. He’s the whip in the Senate. Did you hear what he said about these allegations against Biden? He said, “Certainly one allegation is not disqualifying, but it should be taken seriously.”

Now, does that sound like Durbin may not believe Lucy Flores? I thought the women had to be believed. I thought whenever such an allegation was made, it was slam dunk, you had to believe the woman. And the woman in question is not only a former Democrat officeholder; she’s also a woman of color. Last name is Flores.

It gets worse, folks. Even the grandfather of the Democrat radical socialist, Crazy Bernie, has basically said the same thing. Bernie said — and I quote — “I’m not sure that one incident alone disqualifies anybody.” Meaning from running for president. So I guess if you’re a Democrat, you get a free first grope. But after that… We’re gonna be keeping a sharp eye.

Let’s listen to Lucy Flores. She’s the Nevada elected official who is bringing the details of this debauchery, this vile behavior into the public arena.

She was on with Jake Tapper, State of the Union, CNN, yesterday, Tapper said, “Okay. Let’s go back. Let’s go back to that day, November 2014, the vice president, Joe Biden’s come to Nevada for a campaign event. You are running for lieutenant governor. You’re both backstage waiting to go on stage. What happened next?”

RUSH: Why are you speaking out now and then not then?

FLORES: For me, it’s disqualifying. I think that his response to the way in which he handled the Anita Hill hearing was completely also inappropriate and lacked empathy, and, frankly, lacked accountability.

RUSH: Here it is.

FLORES: You know, saying that he wishes that there was something more he could have done, I think, is just — it’s just, again, just a complete lack of accountability. You were the chair. You were the chair of that hearing, and you could have done anything you wanted. I find a lot of his background problematic.

RUSH: Right. … It’s now obvious that somebody somewhere is doing one of two things. They’re either trying to get this out now so that Biden can get past it now, knowing that it was lurking and knowing that it was coming, and that would argue for somebody in Biden’s inner circle getting it out there.

Or somebody within the power structure of the Democrat Party has decreed that it ain’t gonna be Joe Biden.

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