Blowin’ In The Wind

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from TPPF,

What to Know: Wind energy was conspicuously absent in the recent winter storm.

“As a life-threatening freeze brought temperatures that may reach all-time record lows in the Chicago area Thursday morning, heating demand surged and power suppliers were forced to start up older coal and natural gas facilities that only operate on an as-needed basis,” Bloomberg reports. “One of the reasons why is that wind-power generation has plummeted…With a deep freeze like this one, wind-farm operators may have to hit the brakes as ice builds up on blades and to prevent lubricated bearings from seizing up and stiffened fiberglass blades from cracking.”

The TPPF Take: It was fossil fuels that kept Americans warm and safe during the polar vortex.

“Misguided policies that chase fossil fuels out of our energy portfolios—before renewable sources are truly ready—will put lives at risk,” says TPPF’s Rob Henneke. “Green New Deal proposals would do just that, along with driving up energy prices and making our grid far less reliable.”

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