Three Immigration Polls: Details in the US and Illegal is a problem

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from The Gray Area:

Economist/YouGov Poll reveals that 7% if American think illegal immigration is not a problem and 6% say they don’t know. The remaining 87% say that illegal immigration is a problem ranging from minor, to serious, to very serious, with 40% saying very serious!

Gallup says immigration as surged to the top of most important problem list.

Though support for a wall varies, it sounds like President Trump’s position for border security is on solid ground with the vast majority of the country.

The United States has more immigrants than any other country in the world. Today, more than 40 million people living in the U.S. were born in another country, accounting for about one-fifth of the world’s migrants in 2016. The population of immigrants is also very diverse, with just about every country in the world represented among U.S. immigrants.

Pew Research Center regularly publishes statistical portraits of the nation’s foreign-born population, which include historical trends since 1960. Based on these portraits, here are answers to some key questions about the U.S. immigrant population.

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