September 11th Tribute

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Never Forget,
from The Gray Area,

This is “A Tribute to the Media”, a ten-minute video, from the Media Research Center, honoring television coverage of the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The video starts with clips of the breaking news reporting that Tuesday morning, moves to world reaction, memorial services and search efforts; then to the patriotism displayed by Americans. While watching, remember how united we were. At the 7 minute mark Dan Rather weeps with Dave Letterman and followed immediately by Geraldo Rivera rallying behind President Bush. How President Bush was hugged by Democrat Senator Tom Daschle as he entered Congress for his speech. It includes powerful commentaries from two leading journalists who have since passed away: Tim Russert and Tony Snow.

Remember how united we were and how fast it all changed. How the left began its divisive, even treasonous attacks on the President and the war effort. How these attacks demonstrated American weakness and harmed our efforts to bring the war criminals who started this war to justice. How even today, 11 years later, at last week’s Democrat Convention, they repeated made proud note of President Obama ending two wars started by George Bush. They just don’t get it, there still exists a worldwide network of Islamic extremists who are committed to America’s destruction.

NEVER FORGET 9/11! And NEVER FORGET that freedom by definition appears weak to her enemies and therefore requires strength, resolve and constant defense from those enemies both foreign and domestic. As Thomas Jefferson said, “liberty requires constant vigilance.