The Drive-Bys Lied, McCabe Didn’t Lose His Pension

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: I don’t know how you can say first and foremost. But one of the items is the firing of Andrew McCabe and the fact that he is not losing his pension.

Andrew McCabe was not fired by anything Donald Trump had anything to do with. Andrew McCabe was fired after an inspection, an investigation of the FBI and its handling of the Hillary Clinton email mess by the Office of Inspector General. The Office of Inspector General, the head of that agency, was appointed by Barack Obama.

And the original reason for the internal investigation of the FBI was because Obama and the Democrats were livid that Comey reopened the investigation late in October before the election. And what happened was, when the investigation got going, the inspector general in fact found something the exact opposite of what the Democrats expected to see. They found that McCabe had lied to investigators.

Now, in the process, McCabe was fired after both the inspector general and a review board within the FBI made the recommendation. Trump had nothing to do with it. Jeff Sessions had nothing to do with it, other than carrying it out. The media knows all of this. The media knows every syllable of what I just said to you. The media is making up that McCabe will lose his pension. He will not.

That’s not what he lost. He lost early access to some benefits. He did not lose his pension. But they were so successful at creating this fake news that various Democrat members of Congress were offering to hire the guy for three days so that he could qualify.

Now, here is a guy who has been found to lie by an Obama-appointed investigator, and the Democrats circle the wagons to protect this guy and to hold on to his pension, which they think is under threat. Meanwhile, over here, Michael Flynn has lost his house. Michael Flynn is broke, when he didn’t even lie to the FBI, according to the agent who interviewed him, who happens to be none other than Peter Strzok, who is best buds with Andrew McCabe.

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