The Left-Wing Groups Propping Up the Parkland Kids

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Now, I remember shortly after the Parkland shooting — and you will remember this, too. Shortly after, remember when I said, “These kids, everything they’re saying on television sounds exactly out of the Democrat Party playbook,” …

Well, my friends, it turns out from no less than BuzzFeed: “The Parkland Teens Fighting For Gun Control Have the Backing of These Huge Organizing Groups — Some of the largest organizing groups in the country are helping the” students advance their gun control agenda. “Several large progressive organizations, donors, and a high-powered public relations firm are backing the March for Our Lives movement, which is” on March 24th. Exactly as I said. I’m not trying to do a See, I Told You So here. But I’m just making note of it.

Everytown, which is the Michael Bloomberg bunch. Giffords, that’s the Gabby Giffords bunch. Planned Parenthood. And the Women’s March LA. These are just some of the left-wing organizer groups that have unified, banded together and basically are doing the organizing effort for this student march on Washington on March 24th.

In addition to that, the article says — and this not a shock, either — that Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, a Democrat congresswoman, Broward County resident for nearly 30 years, she says that she’s been in touch with the students, helping them connect to state legislators, and she helped ’em plan their trip to Tallahassee last week.

That’s another thing. They don’t have any money on their own to do any of this. And let’s see. Also help from Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, John Lewis, and the American Federation of Teachers. So these are just some — and it’s according to BuzzFeed, a left-wing outfit itself. So these are just some of the groups.

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The Left-Wing Groups Propping Up the Parkland Kids