Law Professors Say White ’50s Culture Is Superior, Other Racist Stuff

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By Joe Patrice,

from Above The Law,

Professors think things were better when women and minorities just acted more like white guys.

A picture of John Wayne lords over a recent op-ed by Professor Amy Wax of Penn Law and Professor Larry Alexander of USD Law titled “Paying the price for breakdown of the country’s bourgeois culture.” In a nutshell, the professors argue that if everyone went to school, got married to their biological opposite number, and stayed married for the kids, everything would be fine in this country.

John Wayne was a twice-divorced college dropout.

This actually tells you everything you need to know about the laughable swill these two dropped on an unsuspecting public this week. This dynamic duo of dumb spend the op-ed concocting a theory as terrifying as it is bereft of factual support when they posit that all of America’s woes really do stem from failing to live up to the ideals of an era when (white) men were men and everyone else kept their goddamned mouths shut. Make America Great Again indeed.

The 1950s are a curious star in the conservative intellectual constellation. The “culture” that Wax and Alexander exalt held just as much sway in the 1930s when Americans couldn’t put bread on their tables. Yet it’s the 1950s — in the aftermath of the economic devastation of every other economy on the planet, and with a non-conservative government committed to high taxes and public works projects — that gets singled out as proof that this dominant paradigm provides the guaranteed blueprint for permanent success.

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