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from America’s 1st Freedom,

Will we allow a gang of violent radicals to hijack an entire nation?

Antifa is the brainchild of the far-left side of the political spectrum. Not that they claim it; Antifa’s tactics make it too vile to openly embrace. However, violent, disgusting and destructive as it is, it is one they cannot afford to declare criminal because, when the TV cameras are absent, the far left secretly agrees with its goals.

But is this a new phenomenon? Or are we looking at another iteration of the same old violently thuggish group? We need only look across the Atlantic for similar actions in the streets of Europe to understand that this tiny, very organized, intensely secretive group has larger aims in mind. When interviewed, Antifa activists claim that violence is necessary, pointing to authoritarianism by racists. Yet the only authoritarianism on display is their own.

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