Hillary Blames Everyone But Herself

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from Rush Limbaugh,

Rysh: Hillary is drawing a crowd, apparently. Her book is What Happened, and she’s blaming Comey, she’s blaming Russia, she’s blaming WikiLeaks, she’s blaming Facebook, she’s blaming fake news, she’s blaming voter ID laws. She blamed sexism and misogyny for losing.

Update 9/13: Hillary Clinton Suggests That Women Didn’t Vote for Her Because of the Men in Their Lives”, …and … “young women did not find gender a ‘motivating force’ to vote for her.

Now her book is coming out today, and they’ve already marked it down 40%. Did you know this? Now, it’s standard for books that are thought to be best-sellers to have “25% off” plastered on the covers. It’s not unusual. Forty percent is unusual. I mean, that’s something, because her first book, they gave her a… Her most recent book, not her first. Most recent. They gave her a $14 million advance, and it sold 275,000 copies. So that means it sold about 70,000 because Hillary and her buds bought 200,000.

There is a line of about a hundred people outside what looks to be a fleabag bookstore in Manhattan. “Hundreds of Hillary Clinton fans packed into the Barnes & Noble in Union Square [this] morning ahead of a book signing by the vanquished presidential contender. Long Island resident Allan Holland, 63, awoke at 3 a.m. to catch a 3:47 a.m. train to Manhattan to see his Democratic hero. He arrived outside the book store at 5 a.m., a full six hours before Clinton was slated to appear, only to find himself number 200 in line.”

This is considered big: 200 people! Probably that many people try to get into the store a day anyway, 200 people. “Die Hard Hillary Clinton Fans Turn Out in Hundreds” is the headline. If hundreds showed up for Trump, it would be designated the biggest failure, and they’d do a series of stories on, “What happened to Trump? Why has he lost it?”

So it was a bomb. And then when she did her book signing, nobody showed up, because Hillary, unlike Trump and many other public figures, has no personal connection. Even with the people that voted for her, there is no personal investment in her. She, at best, represented the symbolism of the first female president. But she’s not likable. She’s not charismatic. She’s Nurse Ratched. And such, so she doesn’t have… She couldn’t draw 20,000 people at an arena like Trump did five times a month. She couldn’t draw 2,000.

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