SNL skits are funny, but if you think its for comedy, think again

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from The Gray Area:

SNL’s Trump, Spicer & Sessions impersonations and skits are funny, as usual. But, if you think its all for comedy, think again.

The Washington Post explains the strategy. President Trump was reportedly bothered by Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Sean Spicer a week ago on “Saturday Night Live.” Not so much because it was over-the-top, mind you, but because a woman played Spicer. SNL’s response to that? Have more women play members of Trump’s team — and even Trump himself.

Again, in and of itself, it is very funny! But this is obviously to diminish the President of the United States. Its part of ‘the Resistance’.

Would SNL have a woman play Obama? Would they have a man play Hillary? How about have a man play Michelle Obama? Of course not. The left would go ape s— on them.

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