The Assault On The Next Republican President Has Already Begun

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from The Gray Area:


In the 1980’s the assault on President Reagan was immediate and unending.

Stalled for only a few months by 9-11, the immediate and continuous assault on George W. Bush was eventually successful judging by his approval ratings upon leaving office. This, even though facts, vs unfounded accusations, were non-existent.

And, now, President-Elect Donald Trump. A Republican so reviled by the left that they have yet to be able to come to grips with the fact he won. It took Hillary Clinton overnight to be able to even speak publicly to her supporters and her media allies about it.

But, that overnight strategy session must have been a good one. Although we were not in the room or on those phone calls, the strategies can be deduced from their actions we have already begun to see.
a. Have Hillary and President Obama publicly ask for unity and display openness to support Mr. Trump.
b. Have surrogates begin to plant concerns about ‘millions of terrified people’, mass deportations, 20 million people without healthcare, Trump related violence, suggest election invalid since Trump did not win the popular vote nationally, etc.
c. Get George Soros and his companies to fund nationwide protests.
d. Have surrogates offer support for same protests as free speech and example of grassroots concern.
e. Have President Obama tell world audience about the concerns he has for Trump’s agenda and how successful he was.
f. Have the surrogates in the media plant stories that create an atmosphere of concern around the President-Elect and his supporters.

Here are a few examples of that last Democrat strategy in action and the obvious bias and lack of journalistic ethics present in each.

1. Media complains that Trump transition team is in a ‘state of disarray’.
The NY Times apparently has decided that a week is just about long enough for Donald Trump to have filled his cabinet. Since he hasn’t, his lack of organization and in fighting among his supporters must be the cause.
– FoxNews presented the fact that it took Barack Obama 3 weeks to make his first administration appointment in 2008, Reagan 6 weeks in 1980 and Jimmy Carter about 5 weeks in 1976. His effort to date is therefore in no way a signal of any lack of organization.

– Since there is no reason for such supposition, it could be an attempt to put pressure on Mr. Trump hoping he will rush his appointment decisions and make some mistakes that can later be used as evidence of his lack of readiness for this job of President of the United States.

2. NYC Mayor complains of traffic and cost of Trump transition for NYC.
– Hillary Clinton, who Mayor DeBlasio supported for President, is also from NYC. Do you think for a minute that he would have brought a list of complaints to her door within a week after the election? Of course, not. He would have brought offers of how to have NYC taxpayers help her more.

3. Media nightly decries ‘hundreds’ of acts of assault, harassment and racism by Trump supporters since election night.
– none of these supposed acts of Trump supported violence have been properly vetted by the media. This one in Canada is another example of over-hyped, militant reactions.
some have been proven false.
– At least one Nazi swastika has been proven not to be from any Trump organization
– it is to be expected given the DNC emails, Hillary emails and Hillary campaign hidden videos, that the left is behind many of these supposed incidents to create just the stir and controversy to further their attacks on Donald Trump, his agenda and Republicans in general.

4. Media and Democrat politicians and talking heads in shock over early Trump administration appointments, primarily Stephen Bannon, as being radical extreme ‘alt right’, a term you can expect to hear about weekly from these same people.
– Jeff Sessions’ ‘trail of racist comments’ attack.
– interesting that the same people did not provide the same degree of concern for Barack Obama’s appointments and associations in 2008 which included the likes of radical Van Jones, tax cheats, and criminals.

Unfortunately, this strategy will continue as it did in previous Republican administrations. Our recording of this bias, hypocrisy and lies will also continue.