Climate Alarmists Want to Deny Free Speech

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by David Rothbard,

from CFACT,

According to the UN climate chief, this is really about “economic transformation” of the world’s market economy.

The Climate Change “debate” is over.

No, the science isn’t settled. In fact, far from it.

I say the debate is over because the climate alarmists – so devoted to their indefensible position – are trying to silence all debate. These days they are doing everything they can to stifle all opposition – including the use of government coercion and threats of investigation – and even criminal prosecution of climate change change skeptics.

In Portland, Oregon, they are actually banning schoolbooks that raise even the slightest doubts about climate change orthodoxy.

A growing number of climate alarm friendly media outlets – including the BBC, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and others – refuse to report any story challenging their global warming theory.

President Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has admitted that the Department of Justice is considering legal action against so-called climate change “deniers”.

And you may have heard that one overzealous attorney general in the US Virgin Islands recently subpoenaed one of our allies in the climate realist community.

This subpoena is pure harassment by a government official who is determined to shut down free speech and impair the effectiveness of skeptics who challenge government climate policy.

In California, a bill with the Orwellian title “Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act” actually cleared two state senate committees before being halted … but likely only for now. This bill would have permitted the California Attorney General and the state’s district attorneys to take legal action against any business or organization they deem guilty of so-called climate change scientific “fraud” – with no statute of limitations placed on it and extending back in time indefinitely.

Nationally, both CFACT and myself personally appear on a list of 100 climate change deniers” drawn up by prosecutors as potential targets on investigation.

What’s behind this frenzy of harassment, intimidation, and legal action? Why this new extremism and militancy from the climate crowd and their friends in government? Why now?

One word: Paris.

To climate alarmists, last year’s UN climate summit in Paris was the “turning point” in their effort to”save the planet” from so-called “catastrophic global warming”.

This past April 22nd, the Paris climate accord was signed by 175 nations – the largest number of nations to ever sign a document on its opening day.

Even though the climate extremists failed to obtain a legally binding pact with specific mandates, the Paris Agreement remains EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres admitted that this agreement is really about “economic transformation” of the world’s market economy.

This treaty is dangerous because it is a political tool that enables politicians like Barack Obama the world over to ignore public opinion in implementing extreme climate change agendas. In fact, right now President Obama is using his executive power to impose a radical climate agenda on America. Without the consent of Congress and without the consent of the people who elected them.

Barack Obama’s post-Paris climate change power grab – especially the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” to destroy the coal industry – is one of the most blatant extra legal government actions ever undertaken.

They are on the verge of achieving their dream agenda – an energy starved world deprived of fossil fuels. A world in which freedom & free markets effectively cease to exist and government assumes management of the world economy.

That’s why they can’t tolerate any dissent.

When the same people who can’t tolerate dissent on climate change, insist on dissent on gun control and immigration and civil rights, that is when you know you are dealing with people who only want their issues heard, their way. Historically, following those people have led to tyrannical governments and loss of not only freedom of speech, but all our freedoms including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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