Democrat Desperation

from The Gray Area:
I always try to be fair n these posts, though some will tell me i am not, I always try to err on the side of truth. In this case it is hard to even try to be fair and give the guy a break. The hypocrisy, deceit and tyrannical indications are so obvious they deserve as strong and direct comment or two. President Biden went to Georgia for a photo op at the Martin Luther King Memorial today to announce his agenda is stalled in the Senate. And, he is so desperate, that he must destroy the country to accomplish his political goals. Samples of his desperation:
  • Biden, Schumer, and others of his party, like Obama & Harris, don't care about their blatant hypocrisy regarding their previous positions on the filibuster.

The date was April 27, 2005, and then-senator Joe Biden (D., Del.) rose to give “one of the most important speeches . . . I will have given in the 32 years since I have     been in the Senate.” The Republican majority was talking about abandoning the Senate’s tradition of extended debate. Doing so, Biden said, would “emasculate the Senate.”

In 2017, Democrat Senators signed a letter urging then-Majority Leader McConnell to protect the filibuster. Signatures on the letter included 27 sitting Democrat Senators, including current Vice President Kamala Harris. It is obvious the only reason the Democrat leadership wants to nuke the filibuster now is they want to pass their agenda. When the shoe was on the other foot, they stood up in support of a tool that protects the minority. But, that doesn't matter when you can't persuade people to accept your proposals, you have to break the system to force them through. If you ideas were so good, they wouldn't need this kind of desperate and destruction action. In Schumer's defense of the filibuster in 2005, he says the same thing!

  • In his speech, Biden asked “Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? George Wallace was a Democrat segregationist and Presidential candidate.
  • Senate Majority Leader Schumer has turned the Senate’s attention to nuking the filibuster in the name of "voting rights." The bill he wants to pass after destroying the filibuster is a national takeover of elections. He cites 'restrictive' state voting laws as reasons the he needs to take over the elections to save our democracy. He knows full well that these state laws, roundly described as voter suppression laws have provisions that increase access, minority turnout has increased in states where these processes are in place and Georgia voting is more open than many blue states, including his own Delaware. Hypocrat. While Democrats want to act as if large swaths of Americans are being denied the right to vote, the facts tell a different story.
  The filibuster is obviously a silly little game played in the Senate. Every one laughs or scoffs at the tactic when it is used. That is, unless it is used in support of your side's positions. But, when you understand why this and other rules are in the Senate, you appreciate the beauty of our system. The founders designed the House to run according to the whims of the congressmen and their constituents. But ,so that the country would not be whipped at the end of the dogs tail by all this short term maneuvering, they set up the Senate to be a slow, deliberative body. If a House bill made it to the Senate, then it had to pass through the checks of sound decisions making. The tyranny of the simple majority could not rule. The minority could be protected somewhat this way.  You have to get not 50, but 60 votes, meaning at least 10 from the opposition, the minority, for a bill to pass. Biden knows this, as noted above, but is so desperate, he will do anything, even destroying the Senate, to get his agenda passed. He says it is necessary for the country. The other half says it is not. Which one is right? Given our hard political divisions, a perfect situation for a 50/50 Senate to debate. But, he is only interested in his desired result, not the deliberation or a non-partisan law that works best for the country. What's next? After President Biden’s speech today, the Senate is planning a series of votes this week! 1) Freedom to Vote Act (S. 2747). First, the Senate will vote on one version of Schumer’s power-grab legislation, and it will fail under the Senate’s current 60-vote threshold. 2) Nuclear Option. After the vote on S. 2747 fails, it is expected that Sen. Schumer will move to make the case that the filibuster needs to be “reformed” or done away with as a whole. In order for Senate Democrats to change or do away with the filibuster, that requires using the “nuclear option,” or for the Democrats to change Senate rules using only Democrat votes These are desperate times. These are serious times. These are times for us to ignore the radical, reactionary members of our political class. Say no, Manchin. Say no, Sinema. Say no, other reasonable Democrats in the Senate, maybe the 27 on the letter from 2017. Let the Constitutional & Senate systems work. They always work best for the country. If you don't, you will go down in history as the group who destroyed the last, best chance for freedom & democracy on this planet! More From National Review: More From Heritage Action: More From FoxNews:

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