National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act (H.R. 3233)
This commission has attracted some bi-partisan support. However, the bill is not about keeping the Capitol complex secure. The House will also vote on a $2 billion slush fund that is ostensibly to pay for additional Capitol security. In reality, many of the funds will go toward MRAs (Member Representational Allowances). The allowances can be used on a wide discretion of expenses including staff and office space.

Indicting Steve Bannon - mirror image, double standard

from The Gray Area:

Not many people like Steve Bannon. Those on the left hate him because he was/is a close advisor to former President Trump, and they hate all things Trump. Many on the right feel the same way. Even those on the right who support President Trump, don't particularly care for Steve Bannon.

And, this 'kangaroo court', which is this National Capitol January 6th Riot Commission hearing, deserves no serious attention. Nobody really cares except the anti-Trump media and the Democrat regime. That's why this fight between Bannon and Congress over his appearance is a bit of a yawn.

Now, the subpoena and indictment of Steve Bannon bring this to a much higher level of necessary scrutiny.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, A federal grand jury on Friday indicted former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on two counts of contempt of Congress ....The fact that this is a Democratic Justice Department enforcing a contempt citation by a Democratic Congress doesn’t [allow him] to dodge a lawful subpoena, and this one is certainly within Congress’s authority... Some Republicans will object that former Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department under Barack Obama refused to enforce contempt citations from a GOP-led Congress. They’re right, and the case of Lois Lerner’s refusal to testify about bias against conservative nonprofits at the IRS is the most egregious. But that doesn’t give Mr. Bannon a pass.

The committee is examining events surrounding the Jan. 6 attack in which a pro-Trump mob sought to stop the certification of President Biden’s win in the 2020 presidential election.The panel has expressed interest in reports that Mr. Bannon encouraged former President Donald Trump and members of Congress to block the certification.

We all recognize the double standard in political prosecution exists, and it is evident here. As a result, what we should expect from Bannon's eventual appearance at this 'kangaroo court' is more 'Mueller style Russia hoax' details that bare no resemblance to the facts, but support the 'insurrection hoax', and attempts to blame Trump for incitement. All this to negatively impact any potential 2024 Presidential run by Trump.

Politics, nothing more. But, dangerous politics, in that the process damages the country both inside and out.

Damage the Democrats & media lambast Trump supporters for when they repeat, 'Stop the Steal', but, for obvious reasons have no attachment to either the 'Russia hoax' or the 'insurrection hoax'.

See the mirror image, double standard yet?

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