Impeachment 2021
Congress considers impeaching Trump a 2nd time for what they call his leading and inciting an armed insurrection on January 6th.

'we don't have a media who will hold the Dems accountable '

from The Gray Area:

If we had a responsible media, they would be soundly dismantling this second impeachment, but we don't. The media instead support it's flimsy and inaccurate proposition, while trying to hide Democrat unconstitutional actions. The media use their power to dismantle Republican positions, politicians and anyone else they don't like by telling falsehoods from anonymous sources, spinning statements beyond reality and referring to 'debunked' narratives or accusations lacking evidence. Yet, the positions the media support, they support without evidence, or accept things as evidence which are easily proven false. The truth has become non existent. The truth is actually the opposite of this and most other stories. The timeline of events of January 6th do not support the impeachment. Neither does Trump's language that day. All opinion regarding election integrity must be censored because it is a 'Big Lie'. Just like this impeachment is a Big Lie, the Russia Collusion story was a Big Lie, the first impeachment was a Big Lie, etc, etc. The 'Big Lie' is itself a 'big lie'. The use of Nazi references by the Democrats is in fact the opposite of the truth. If you look at the Nazi development in Germany in the 1930s, you see the tactics of the left in America. Trump will not be convicted again. The reason is simple, the Democrats have no case. With Republicans asked to vote against a republican President, the Democrats know they have a change because the Republicans will make their decision based on how they see the facts, no politics. If this was reversed, the Democrats would not be expected to make their decision based on how they see the facts. They vote in political blocks period. They are told when they arrive they have to. And they do, in Congress, in the Supreme Court, in State and local governments. Since we don't have a responsible media, we have to understand these things ourselves. Vary your news sources!

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