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How One Man Saved the NFL — and Is Trying to Save America

from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: ... you know, I think Trump is even teaching these people. I think it’s one of the most amazing things. Let’s look at the NFL, to explain myself here. I’m gonna go off track for a bit, but I have not lost my place. What did Trump do? He railed against the political protests in the NFL, as we all well know. He elevated that issue to a point where the NFL couldn’t escape the scrutiny of viewers. They couldn’t escape the rage. The players were kneeling. They were disrespecting the anthem. Any other president would have not said a word about it! It would have gone on. It would still be happening. The NFL would be in deep, dire straits right now because it would have continued.

They would have been shedding viewers. They would have been shedding attendees at stadiums if this had gone on. They would be shedding money. They would be losing money left and right, ’cause it would have continued had nobody said anything about it. Because nobody in the league was gonna have the guts to stand up to the players. They would have been mollified. Ownership and the commissioner would have done everything they could to strike deals with the players, further alienating fans. What did Trump do? He continued to call them out — and as Trump continued to call them out, more and more people began to dissociate themselves with the NFL. And the NFL and the players realized that without a strong customer base, the dominoes fall; financial underpinnings of the league will eventually collapse. And, if you don’t think that’s right, if you think I’m misreading this, I need to ask you: What happened to the protests? They’re gone, aren’t they? The protests are gone. You know what else is coming back? The ratings for the NFL are coming back.

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