Around the world, citizens of war torn countries in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan), Africa (Libya, Sudan), Central & South America and others are fleeing oppression and death to reach freedom and safety. Europe is being overrun with these refugees. This experience is adding greater fuel to the already passionate immigration debate in the US by the needs of these refugees. We must remember that refugees are a portion of the immigration issue. Compassionately, the plight of refugees needs to be prioritized over all other types of immigration. Realistically, the vetting of legitimate refugees is still required, given the violent turmoil in the world, the infiltration of the extremists into the refugee population and that threats directly at the United States.

Who is telling the truth?

from The Gray Area:

AOC says horrific things are going on at the border. Children drinking out of toilets, verbal and physical abuse of migrants and worse. Border patrol says AOC was the aggressor. Garza claims AOC was 'verbally abusive' to Border Patrol agents

Pastors stand ground on conditions of border facility after AOC claps back.

AOC tweets again:

Investigation into a private Border patrol Facebook page with disturbing images and comments is under way ... Border patrol playing defense... Yet, 3,400 rescues of migrants by border patrol officers, some life saving, have occurred this year! So, what is the truth? What we know is: - this crisis has been explained by President Trump and others for over a year - outside groups and Democrat activists are actively bringing & inspiring caravans of migrants to come to our southern border - the border is not prepared for the onslaught of 100,000 people per month - our laws on asylum are flawed and courts have mandated we not incarcerate children while investigating their parents or other adults whose care they are apparently under - Dems, especially those like AOC in Congress, have refused to accept this as a crisis, or to act - AOC twice refused to approve bills to help the situation - when these same Congress people and media view the crisis, they turn cameras and accusations on those who have already called attention to the crisis and asked for help, instead of themselves. A lot of smoke has been created here. I refuse to believe that Border Patrol agents would treat migrants as have been described. I have no problem believing that Border Patrol agents would be mistreated by journalists, AOC or others. Probably, some border patrol agents have participated in this Facebook page. The rest of the allegations are either inaccurate or blown out of proportion to the truth for political purposes. We shall see ....

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