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OMG! NYT Calls Joe Biden’s Terrible Cabinet Centrist

from The Gray Area:

There are no words to describe the total detachment from reality associated with the New York Times headline that Biden's Cabinet Leans Centrist, Leaving Some Liberals Frustrated. OMG!

There is no question the lunatic fringe of the Democrat party left wants Castro, Stalinist, Maoist style players in Biden's cabinet. I guess if you look at it that way, his picks must be more centrist than that, right? No. They are radical left wing, left of liberal and on the edge of the far left fringe. These 'woke' selections will bankrupt the economy, raise taxes on everyone while telling you they are not, make Healthcare, Education & Child care free (which, of course, everyone knows nothing is free), open borders adding millions more dependents to our nation's streets, send the remainder of our manufacturing to China, reduce our national defense capabilities, allow countries like Iran to have nuclear bomb capabilities, coddle those who hate us at home & abroad, send America money around the world to fight other countries climate change & environmental issues, eliminate America's energy independence, be afraid to stand up for America against bullies around the world (and at home), establish socialist polices, and place politically correct narratives into law against all science and reality. That just gets us started on Biden's leadership team.

Look at the article below which will enable you to "review Joe Biden’s terrible cabinet: drones, doxing, And potholes."

Reviewing Joe Biden’s Terrible Cabinet: Drones, Doxing, And Potholes

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