Education performance in the United Sates has fallen from #1 in the world in 1973 to #17 in 2013. Middle of the pack in science, math & reading in 2015. During that timeframe we added the DOE, lowered standards, lowered grading scales and spent trillions of dollars, only to see results dramatically decline against the rest of the world. The left wants more money spent to solve the problem. The right wants the DOE eliminated and local control restored. State Rankings by Size & Money. State Rankings Best & Worst. State Funding per Student. Textbooks are also a political battleground. Tax dollars are being used to buy textbooks that make claims like: 1. Christopher Columbus ordered the 'complete genocide' of Native Americans. 2. Members of the Boston Tea Party were 'terrorists'. 3. Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F Kennedy because he was a 'deeply disturbed Marine'; not because he was a committed Marxist. 4. During Ronald Reagan presidency the 'poor got poorer', inferring that his policies were targeted to such a result. Where is the truth? See the debate in this section.

Warren’s Free College Time Machine

from The Wall Street Journal,

Student loans were supposed to make money for the feds. Uh-oh.

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t appear to be capturing the imagination of American voters, but her policy proposals are a guide to where Democrats are heading if they win the White House in 2020. So check out her new plan to cancel some $640 billion in student loans, which Democrats once promised would be a money maker for government.

The irony is that when Democrats nationalized the student loan market in 2010, they swore it’d be a profit center for government and devoted “savings” to finance the Affordable Care Act. Part of the pitch was that the government could save on administrative costs. This was always a trick. The Obama Administration would claim profits from interest-rate arbitrage—borrowing at lower rates and charging more to students—even though a sizable portion of loans aren’t in repayment. The Congressional Budget Office said the student-loan takeover would save $87 billion over 10 years, later revised to $61 billion. We questioned this bogus accounting at the time, and during the debate in 2009 wrote that “parents will soon have no choice beyond a Washington bureaucracy to borrow money for their college-bound children, and taxpayers will pay a fortune for the privilege.” File that one as: Vindication is overrated.

The number of borrowers enrolled in these plans swelled by more than 600% between 2011 and 2016, to more than five million...

Now less than a decade after the takeover, Ms. Warren is telling taxpayers this was a con all along. The total cost once Ms. Warren throws in free college tuition for all: $1.25 trillion over 10 years, which is surely a conservative estimate.

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