What a surprise - Iran Rejects Offer of Direct U.S. Nuclear Talks, Ratcheting Up Tension With West

from The Gray Area:

What a surprise, right! Iran wants to negotiate harder with the Biden Administration and the EU, now that they have said we want to restart the Iranian nuclear deal.

Does no one in Washington understand the basics of negotiation? Tell your opponent that he has all the power, we want a deal with you and then expect them to give up, wow!

This is going to be a worse deal than the original, if that's even possible. The media will spin it, but they will have a hard time doing so.

from The Wall Street Journal,

Iran rejected a European Union offer to hold direct nuclear talks with the U.S. in the coming days, risking renewed tension between Tehran and Western capitals. Senior Western diplomats said Iran’s response doesn’t quash the Biden administration’s hopes of reviving diplomatic efforts to restore the 2015 nuclear deal, struck between Iran and six world powers and abandoned by the Trump administration in 2018. But they said it seemed to set a deadlock: Iran wants a guarantee it wouldn’t walk away from a meeting with the U.S. without some sanctions relief, which Washington has so far ruled out.

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