Release the Transcript?

from The Gray Area:

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. spoke Thursday with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine. Given the wide ranging reports of the details of that call, there is much to be concerned about. Biden supposed discussed the inevitability of a Russian invasion, that there is nothing else America can do to help the Ukraine if such an invasion occurs, that Biden will attach more severe sanctions on Russia (sounds like a strongly worded letter to me) and more. No surprise, Zelensky reportedly was not happy with this call.

The Democrats impeached President Trump over a call to Zelensky that he was happy about. A call from which Trump released the entire transcript. Everyone could read it for themselves. Why was no transcript released this time after the outrage from the reports? Why no outrage from Democrats this time? National Security concerns. Why no national security concerns from impeachment over a call?

The best the White House could do is release a statement about the call, complain about the reporting and deny comments from people in Ukraine. A pretty lame response.

But, considering how Russia has been dictating the negotiations over this crisis, that lame statement & response matches the lame foreign policy of this White House.

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