Media Hypes Portions of Intelligence Testimony & Trump Tweets

from The Gray Area:

The left leaning media, The Washington Post and others, are loving the Intelligence leaders Senate testimony yesterday. They are using the edges of the testimony to paint a picture that Trump is wrong, which is a constant theme, and further, as the title of the WaPo piece says, ... You're right and Trump is wrong!

Is that the way to debate with your President, by telling everyone else they are right? Of course, not. It's only appropriate if you want to get Trump.

And, then, President Trump tweeted his thoughts on these reactions which give the liberal media more ammunition and opportunity for spin.

THE PRESIDENT: I disagree with certain things that they said. I think I’m right. But time will prove me right, probably. I think Iran is a threat. I think it’s a very big threat. I disagree very much on that. I also think — … I have great respect for a lot of people, but I don’t always agree with everybody.

What is so bad about these tweets vs Intelligence testimony? The President sees a problem ahead, the intelligence testimony sees Iran ok now and NoKo not dismantling yet. Both are giving true assessments. They are not that contradictory, except on the fringes regarding what happens next. But you can argue whether it would make more sense publicly for Trump to endorse them (I mean, they are his intel chiefs, his administration) and then privately do what he has to do dealing with them behind the scenes. But Trump chooses to make it public because he doesn’t see the need to hide anything of his true thoughts on these people. It’s another one of these times we’re not used to seeing this kind of thing things. It kind of makes some people nervous; others applaud it.Yet, Chuck Schumer sends a letter telling the intel leaders its time to “stage an intervention” with Trump!

Notice how the left is not attacking the concerns over Russia & China. Doesn't fit their narrative, except the media spin it that it is a result of Trump's bad decisions on trade. They prefer appeasing people who take advantage of us. A Russia - China alliance is a big problem. It started under Obama, and involves much more than trade.

USA Today, of all media, actually have a piece which gives a good summary of the agreements and disagreements between the assessments of the intelligence leaders and the President on Iran & NoKo.

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