The 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, among other rights, grants freedom of the press. It specifically states: "... Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press ..." As with the rest of the Constitution, a brilliant political principle without question. With its brilliance though, it does not regulate the quality of the free press and throughout our history we have seen both outstanding journalism and pitiful examples of a free press. In the second decade of the 21st century, there are two strong political ideologies (left & right) controlling the political dialogue in this country. During the 2012 Presidential Election, spin from the left and right are presented as mainstream information and what was formerly mainstream, balanced & unbiased information sources have changed or evolved their format to the point that unbiased reporting is unavailable. In the 2016 Presidential Election, there was no effort at all to cover up the biased reporting of the mainstream media. Today's news sources are targeting specific messages to gain specific ideological audiences, thereby presenting bias. This bias is most times unidentifiable, not completely truthfully nor presented with perspective and context that the reader/viewer/listener requires and expects. Shockingly, sometimes this bias is purposely (NBC) camouflaged (NY Times - 4th paragraph down) from the reader/viewer/listener. In our polarized society, these strong messages on both sides overpower the ability of people with limited time to evaluate issues to find a center, compromise, reasonable or mainstream position. Especially when each side is also saying they offer the center, compromise, reasonable and mainstream position, whether they do or not. There are media watchdog organizations out there, but they also represent an ideological left and right. Much of this website is dedicated to shedding light on the bias in current American journalism. While we long for that great post-WWII journalistic era, where we were served by responsible, professional and largely unbiased journalism, unfortunately, we are no longer so served. That makes it difficult for American citizens to find the truth among the hype, agenda peddling and biased reporting. If you look at the bottom of this page and all pages on this website, you will find major (and some not so major) news organizations listed based on their political leanings, Left or Right. You will immediately notice there are none listed in the center. While there may be the occasional article in any of these news sources which could be a center, balanced and truthful report, by and large the reporting from that news source is defined by its L-R political leanings. The Gray Area is attempting to help its readers by so identifying the biases of the news source from which a report originates to help you identify the spin within the news piece you are reading or watching. We will include an article in the center if we believe it represents the center, a thoughtful, balanced and honest perspective. That way, presented with facts and recognizing the source, you can make up your own mind. In this 'media' section, we comment on the egregiousness of some reporting so that you may see the best and worst of what we must today use as our sources of information. From an analysis of all the sources, THE GRAY AREA HAS CREATED ITS OWN SPECTRUM OF MEDIA BIAS.

So, which is it?

from The Gray Area:
There is much in the news about the new Omicron COVID variant as well there should be given the impact of COVID and its variants on the world the past 2 years. But it continues to be curious how reports differ so wildly. Here are a few: Europe tuns to new restrictions as Omicron cases rise. Omicron detected in 17 states Omicron possibly more infectious because it shares genetic code with common cold coronavirus, study says Fauci says Omicron variant ‘might evade immune protection Fauci says Omicron variant ‘might evade immune protection Stocks and Oil Rise on Hopes of Milder Covid Variant Clearly the media, and others, are publishing reports that support their preferred narratives. All left wing media continues to hype COVID and all its variant as a killer and lockdowns are again possible. Biden says it is an "cause for concern, but not panic", and again tells everyone to get vaccinated, while simultaneously saying the vaccinations may not work against this variant. All this sows chaos which is a political narrative of the left with regard to COVID. If you have chaos, no one can concentrate on serious issues facing the country. They can only concentrate on the chaos, or the fire burning in front of them. Right leaning media are following the path that so many polls are finding, Republicans are less and less concerned about COVID. They have tired of the oppressive restraints to freedom and the overall weakness and cowardly response of our political leaders to the pandemic and its variants. Right leaning media uses data to report the Omicron seems less serious. So, which is the accurate assessment of the Omicron variant today? There are clear political ramifications that continue with regard to our COVID response. As President, Biden faces the public's response as Trump did. Biden obviously carries media support, vs Trump getting media attacks. Truth is we probably don't know yet. But, that hasn't stopped the media. Seems to me the investment world has made a decision, this thing is not so bad and the markets are going back up. When people respond with their money, that sends a clear message.

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