Remember Cindy Sheehan?

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from The Gray Area:

Remember Cindy Sheehan? She is the the mother of Casey Sheehan, a solider killed in Iraq in 2004.

Remember how the media covered her almost daily for 2 years as she stalked President Bush.

With support from Democrat groups and the dutiful mainstream media propaganda machine, Sheehan became a national icon against the Iraq war.

Have you heard of Pat Smith?

Probably not. The mainstream media has not dutifully turned Mrs. Smith into a national icon against the Benghazi attack.


You know why. It does not serve their political agenda, that’s why. If you have a different reason, I’d like to hear it.

– Is she just a grieving mother? Yes. So, was Cindy Sheehan.

– Is she being supported by right wing groups? Only emotionally.

– Was Cindy Sheehan supported by left wing groups? Absolutely, with organization and money.

– Did the media latch on to Cindy Sheehan? Of course, on an almost daily basis for 2 years.

– Did the media latch on to Pat Smith? No. Only FoxNews. So, if you have heard of Pat Smith, it is because you have seen her on FoxNews on the occasional time that she has appeared.

The movie ’13 Hours’ came out Friday and Pat Smith had something to say to Hillary Clinton about what Hillary told Pat Smith at the time. Even though, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton swore in Congress that she did tell lies to the families and the country about the Benghazi attack.

Won’t be covered my the Democrat propaganda machine.

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