Candace Owens Crushes Dishonest Democrat

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Now, audio sound bites. I have to tell you there was an exchange yesterday in Washington, Capitol Hill, House Judiciary Committee. C-SPAN has reported that a clip, a confrontation between Candace Owens and Ted Lieu, Democrat, California, has become the most viewed C-SPAN Twitter video from a House hearing ever, in 24 hours, 4.47 million viewers in less than 24 hours.

The video confrontation, Ted Lieu versus Candace Owens, the House Judiciary Committee, is already the most watched C-SPAN Twitter video from a House hearing ever.

RUSH: The House Judiciary Committee yesterday conducted a hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism. Candace Owens, director of communications for Turning Point USA, was one of those testifying. Congressman Ted Lieu, Democrat, California, was there. He’s a Twitter denizen. He regularly distorted and takes out of context everything conservatives say.

He’s a dishonest creep, and he did it to Candace Owens yesterday … and she ate him for lunch in response.

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