Covering Up Negative News

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from The Gray Area:

There are three very negative news stories circulating over the past two weeks that put the left in a very negative light. The first is Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitism and the lack of appropriate reaction to it by Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat House or Presidential candidates. Two, FoxNews being snubbed by the DNC for a Democrat Presidential Debate in 2020. due to their right wing propaganda (as if CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & NBC don’t market in left wing propaganda). This is getting extensive backlash as the left wing media tries to substantiate that decision. And, a third, Democrats (Schiff) met with Cohen for up to 10 hours to prepare his Congressional testimony in which he continued lying.

As is the practice on the left when news they don’t like hits the airwaves, they move to get it off the front page with another story, hyped to put maximum pressure on the right. When the Inspector General’s report about the FBI came out last year, devaluing their 2 year ‘Russia’ narrative, they took it off the front page with the “separating babies at the border” story. No matter whether Obama had done the same thing. No matter whether Trump issued an executive order to stop it and was stopped by the courts. Truth doesn’t matter. Perspective doesn’t matter. Just sensationalizing a story negative to the right, to get the left’s negative news off the front page.

Welcome to that again with the left’s over hyping of negative comments made by Tucker Carlson over a decade ago. Never mind if they are presented accurately by the leftist news organizations. Never mind if people on their own networks get cover for doing much worse.

Just get the negative news off the a front page. And, this attack on Carlson is not new. Last month they (leftist brown shirt Antifa mobs) attacked Tucker Carlson’s home. They have been after Tucker Carlson because his show is a success (3 million viewers) and attracts young people. He has open dialogue with those who think differently than he does, while left wing networks actively censor other opinions (think Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd denying anyone with different views on climate change to participate. Or, CNN not allowing the word “mobs” to be used to describe — mobs.).

Tucker commented on this release of audio clips as follows:

That pretty much says it.

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