Theme was ‘American Greatness’

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from Rush Limbaugh,

Pure Genius! Trump’s State of the Union Symphony

Did you ever think that you would see House Democrat feminazis standing up and giving a standing ovation to Donald Trump? I know what you’re saying. “They weren’t giving Trump a standing ovation.” Yes, they were! Remember how this looks to people watching on television! We all know what was going on. They were applauding themselves.

You know, I have spent a lot of time today trying to look at various reaction, and there’s a theme out there that kind of disappoints me that people don’t get it.

…last night, from beginning to end, was a symphony. It had a simple, great theme. What was the central, great theme? American greatness, and that we should choose it. That it is the only sensible option. It was a continuation of the slogan “Make America Great Again,” although he never uttered those words. He got close a couple times but did not utter the words. It was a simple — I wouldn’t even call it a plea. It was a simple acknowledgment that we can and should choose greatness for America. Donald Trump weaved all of his accomplishments, all of his past accomplishments combined with all of his future goals and his guests into that theme.

When the president was acknowledging all the World War II heroes and all of the law enforcement heroes and describing what they had done in conquering the Normandy beaches, in rappelling the heights at Pointe du Hoc, at beating back the tyranny of the Nazis and saving the world from tyranny, what do you think your average leftist is thinking when these kinds of exploits are recounted?

That’s what toxic masculinity is to them! World War II heroics, saving Europe from the tyranny of Nazis, celebrating the kind of men who did it and what they did and detailing it and how they did it, that’s what’s become toxic masculinity today. And that’s what the left is attempting to erase and eliminate from men, is that aspect of their character and personality. And there was a reluctance to cheer these people last night.

Look at the Democrats every time an applause line came up, they were looking at each other trying to figure out whether to stay seated or do the jack-in-the-box routine.

This was one of the best State of the Union addresses that I remember, one of the best speeches by anyone in politics in recent memory. There weren’t any platitudes. There weren’t any impossible objectives. I would even object to people who say that all Trump did was pay attention to his base. That’s what sets this speech apart! He was reaching out to everybody who had the sense to understand it. It was going way beyond his base. He has his base. He doesn’t have to secure his base.

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