Left Attacks Bush Dog, Sully

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from Greg Gutfeld,

This might be the most perfect tweet to end Twitter on, forever. Shut it down. Now.

from Rush Limbaugh,

The death of George H. W. Bush is simply the latest platform example for the Drive-Bys and other leftists to continue assaulting Donald Trump.

And it’s not even limited to this. Slate.com even has a piece attacking Sully, the service dog. I kid you not. I forget the name of the woman who wrote the piece, is castigating anybody and everybody who thinks this dog has anything to do with the Bush family. The dog’s only been there six months. They’re using the dog. The Bushes are using the dog. The dog doesn’t even know what’s going on. The dog is being told to lay next to the casket, it’s what it does, and it’s gonna go back to Walter Reed and it’s gonna be assigned to another serviceman. The dog doesn’t know what’s happening. The dog is being used, and people are foolish if they are investing any emotion whatsoever in this dog.

Now, this is from our friends on the left who own the rights in their own mind to compassion and civility and dignity, being nice and open-minded and tolerant and accepting. And yet they’re so angry and so livid, they even have to spend time writing a piece denigrating a dog. The picture of Sully, named after the airline captain, by the way, that saved that U.S. Airways jet landing in the Hudson River.

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