Bully Tactics

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by Gabriel Nadales,

from Leadership Institute,

A former Antifa member tells why he is now a conservative.

Before I joined the conservative movement, I was a member of Antifa. I decided that life wasn’t for me.

My name is Gabriel Nadales. When the Leadership Institute found me, I was a leftist. I believed in free speech and in helping “the little guy”. Antifa presented themselves as a “compassionate” and inclusive” group who cared about these same principles. That was a scam.

I wasn’t even 18 when I first put on the black mask and agitated against “the system”. For three years I traversed southern California with Antifa. I was as brainwashed as I could be. I participated in well known protests like Occupy and orchestrated others to left wing causes. I participated in front of the personal homes of CEOs who ran successful businesses. We gathered and chanted outside their homes … we were there to annoy the CEO’s neighbors. If they were annoyed, their reaction would often pressure the CEOs into submission. They would cave to our demands.

That’s the way the left works. The left cannot win arguments, so instead, they use bullying tactics to force their enemies to do their will.

When asked today how can we appease the mobs, I laugh. Its never enough for the left. They are never satisfied.

I found Antifa did not believe in the same things I did, and I didn’t want to be a bully. They proved themselves not only violent and hateful, but inconsistent.

So in my freshman year in college in California, while still a member of Antifa, I began to seek out alternative thought.

I discovered the core principles I felt as a teenager were right, but Antifa misled me into agitating for their twisted ideology.

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