Never-Trumper in the White House

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from The Gray Area:

Trump blasts New York Times for anonymous editorial.

An Op-Ed article by an unnamed Trump administration official published by The New York Times on Wednesday claimed that “unsung heroes” on his team were “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” It came a day after reports about a new book, “Fear,” by Bob Woodward of The Washington Post, revealed efforts by aides to surreptitiously block the president when they believe he may be acting dangerously.

[Trump] assailed what he called the “gutless editorial” by the unnamed official and he dismissed Mr. Woodward’s book as “a total piece of fiction” and “totally discredited.” He attributed the accounts to a news media that has sought to destroy his presidency.

This is just the beginning of the “October surprise” attacks on Donald Trump’s presidency targeting the November mid-term elections. Cohen, Mannafort, impeachment, annulment, Woodward’s book, the orchestrated disruption in the Senate at the Kavanaugh hearing, this op-ed by an anonymous WH source. All just the beginning, as we ramp up to October when it is going to be unbelievable what you will see.

The strategy and tactical details are already lined up with the media. What, when and where. All designed to reduce the President’s support and cloud discussion of his agenda and policy successes which are having a tremendously positive effect on this country.

Who is the author of this op-ed? Don’t know.

Huffington Post thinks it is Mike Pence. NO.

Others will identify any number of current WH players who names have been bandied around as malcontents.

Some will say it is a leftist plant? Possible.

I think it is legitimate. A never-trumper in the White House inner circle. Someone known to the media for a while, who probably suggested he pen such an op-ed for this timeframe publication.

Are the assertions in the op-ed true. No. There are probably a few snippets of accurate commentary, like in Woodward’s book, taken out of context and thus dramatic when read, but of no consequence in real life. Like men trash-talking their friends. Sounds bad to outsiders or out of context, but in context, part of a tight knit team of people who would do anything for each other.

Except, for a few traitors.

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