The Manafort Trial and the Mueller Interview Negotiations-All Politics Now

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Rudy Giuliani has just told the Drive-By Media that the Trump administration has responded to Robert Mueller’s office and the request Mueller has to have Trump sit down for an interview with the special counsel.

The Drive-Bys, folks, they’re beside themselves. They still think — and do not doubt me on this — they still think Mueller has some secret that hasn’t leaked that’s gonna lead to Donald Trump being thrown out of office. They still believe it. It’s not a matter of hope. It’s not a matter of wishful thinking. They believe it. They think Mueller’s got it. They’re looking at the Manafort trial, and they’re seeing all kinds of signs that Mueller’s got the smoking gun.

“President Trump’s lawyers rejected [Mueller]’s latest terms for an interview in the Russia investigation,” and are “seeking a narrower scope.” (chuckles) I hope nobody’s surprised by this. Did anybody really think Trump was gonna agree? This is all part of a plan here to appear to be cooperative and make it look like Mueller is the obstacle. They’re running a political campaign against Mueller because that’s what this is.

There’s nothing legal about this.

Trump’s not gonna be indicted; he’s not gonna be impeached.

This is a political process launched by the deep state to get rid of Donald Trump, and it is proceeding full-speed ahead. It hasn’t slowed down. It hasn’t changed directions. It hasn’t lost any momentum. The effort here is to get rid of Donald Trump, somehow, some way, and so Trump and his team have joined this as a political fight, and that’s why they’re out there doing what they can to discredit Mueller and his team because it is precisely a political fight.

That’s what’s gonna happen! Does anybody have any doubt about this? You get your Manafort conviction — hopefully, I mean, that’s what they’re hoping. You get another Manafort trial where whatever dirt is made public will be widely known. And everybody knows Mueller has to write a report. The report goes to Rosenstein, who then determines who else sees it, goes up to Congress. There’s no requirement that the report be released. There’s no law.

Now, of course, even if this one ultimately isn’t — although it will be — it’s gonna be leaked like crazy. I mean, Mueller’s probably already started writing it. This investigation’s gone on a year and a half. Certain elements of it are wrapped up. And I’m sure that the writing staff on Mueller’s team is already working on drafts of the report, certainly those areas where they’ve wrapped up. And it wouldn’t take much to leak.

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