Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a great choice

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by Joseph Arlinghaus,

from Valor America,

Before every liberal politician starts telling you that the President has nominated the Devil incarnate, please allow me to say this is an excellent choice. Excellent.

I’ve used the term “Better-than-Bork” for the finalists President Trump was considering and I think this is a fair assessment of Judge Kavanaugh. Though Robert Bork was the founder and greatest advocate of “originalism” back before there were any others in the 1970′s, the students and next generation have definitely learned how to live that doctrine in ways the great teacher only hoped for.

Most know also that Kavanaugh is a serious Catholic.

And, again, Kavanaugh has been thoroughly vetted by the great Leonard Leo and his team of legal friends at the Federalist Society, Heritage Foundation and Center for Ethics and Public Policy. Brett Kavanaugh has been known to these folks for many years. To be clear, I greatly trust Leonard Leo and those around him who helped the President deliver this nomination.

… in this process, as Judge Kavanaugh himself said tonight, the President consulted more people and did more due diligence than any President in history.

Since I’m sure you know most of what I do, please just allow me to offer you a few things to read and listen to that you might have missed:

Praise for his stances on religious liberty

A speech at the Heritage Foundation from last October

A speech from 2007 at the University of Arkansas

A speech about Justice Rehnquist at the American Enterprise Institute in 2017