There’s No Trump Cult, Senator Corker!

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Bob Corker. Not enough time to be fair to a caller, but just in. And it fits, it dovetails with one of the narratives of the program today. Bob Corker, little guy, he just goes back and forth on Trump. He can’t make up his mind. And this is on Capitol Hill. I guess it’s a press conference. Corker talking to reporters about last night’s primary losses by Never Trumpers and other Republicans who opposed Trump. He just can’t figure it out.

CORKER: We’re in a strange place. I mean, it’s almost — you know, it’s becoming a cultish thing. And it’s not a good place for any party to — to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be of — purportedly of the same party.

RUSH: Senator Corker, this isn’t a cult. Why do you Republicans insist on insulting your own voters? It’s not a cult. You guys just don’t know the perspective. You don’t have the proper the perspective to look at this.

Now, Senator Corker. He doesn’t understand how Never Trump candidates keep losing, and therefore he doesn’t understand how pro-Trump candidates keep winning. And we just played a sound bite with Senator Corker referring to this as a “cult,” and it’s really a bad thing, he said. It’s a bad thing when your party turns into a cult. Senator Corker, this isn’t a cult by any stretch of the imagination. Donald Trump does not have a Svengali hold on these people. In fact, Senator, if you want to know the truth, Donald Trump is not the cause of all this.

Donald Trump is the beneficiary. Donald Trump had the ability to understand where a majority of Republican voters were and what they were thinking and how fed up they were about certain things, and Donald Trump came along, and he spoke their language. He validated what they were thinking, and he has become their champion, because nobody else in your party stepped up! But these people weren’t running around aimless, and then Trump as a Svengali shows up and starts spinning tales and has them mesmerized into a cult.

They’re simply tired of not being represented by you, Senator, and your colleagues. The people who’ve been voting for you don’t think you’ve been representing them. They think you’re representing yourself and your other buddies and special interests inside the political class of Washington. Donald Trump has come along and — in a year and a half — has fixed things that people like you and others have said can’t be fixed, and certainly not in this period of time, and we must go slow, and we must be deliberate.

There’s nothing cultish about this. It’s just you haven’t taken the time to understand their values. You haven’t taken the time to understand their circumstances. You haven’t taken the time to give credence to what they think. Trump did. Trump does. But Trump is in this for different reasons too. Trump’s not cognizant of any cult that he has. He doesn’t have a cult.

Donald Trump personally wants America to be great. He’s an American, he wants it to be great as it can be. He’s tired of watching it go in the wrong direction. He personally set out a course to try to fix it and change it. A bunch of people agree with him, and they’re supporting him. There’s no cult there.

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