Trump Explained

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: The piece is written by J.B. White, and it is published at the American Greatness website, It’s called, “The OODA Loop President.” O-O-D-A. “The OODA Loop…”

Let me find here what it stands for … the Observe, Orient, Decide, and then Act principles.

It’s a process by which Trump sizes things up and moves on them and makes decisions that keeps him way ahead of the conventional wisdom and the people that are in line trying to figure out what’s happening to them.

Trump is moving faster. Look at what he did in one year. The way… I know some of you people think, “Well, look how long it took for Obamacare, the tax cut. The whole year.” How long has it been since we had a tax cut, folks? It was 1986! You look at what Trump did in one year. Look at what he got done in one year with the entire opposition of the Drive-By Media. And for much of the year the opposition of a lot of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump had one of the most productive first years — or any years — of any modern president, and it was because of the speed with which he was working. There wasn’t anything casual about it. And, yeah, certain things did take a long period of time within various, depending on how you want to use the relative points. But in political terms, Trump was sprinting when the rest of the swamp doesn’t ever sprint.

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