Transparency Anyone?

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from The Gray Area:

Barack Obama promised an administration of historic transparency, yet after eight years, proven by what we saw then and more by what we have seen recently with the ‘deep state’, that he ran an historical secret, borderline criminal, administration.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has been accused of having a secret administration and colluding with enemies (the Russians). Yet he tweets every day giving his unvarnished opinions on everything. And, today, he revealed the clearest example of transparency in his administration by letting the media into an actual meeting at the White House.

Today the President held a meeting with 16 senators and nine members of the House — 15 Republicans and 10 Democrats to talk immigration (DACA, chain migration & ‘the wall’). A very important issue. One that has the mainstream media all over it. One that is important to both parties in Congress. One that is important to the American people. Usually these meetings are held and a photo-op is provided before or after the meeting, along with post-meeting interviews outside the room. Today, TV cameras witnessed the meeting. The format, the real conversation, the point-counterpoint discussions, debate with the President over the wall and border security. It was brilliant!

Not only did the televised meeting provide transparency on the discussion and Trump’s plan for getting a bill to sign. It demonstrated President Trump’s control, open-mindedness, understanding of the issues, ability to debate points and respect for the opposition and the process.

This session also provided a real world counter to the “Wolff book” that is all the media rage this week. The left believe and constantly publicizes the media message they have made up about Trump being insane, unfit for office, childlike, etc. This meeting, televised in real time, not set up for TV, should put that false narrative to rest.

Of course, it won’t be put to rest by the leftist media and the Democrats who are interested only in getting Trump out of office. However, for the rest of the real world watching, your eyes and ears and common sense should tell you this is real, this is the real man, not made up politics for TV, and vary our news sources, because the mainstream media narrative you are being inundate with is false!

Transparent. Real. Brilliant!