Lauer Scandal Displays Clear Media Bias & Hypocrisy

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from The Gray Area:

Hypocrisy of the left and the media have never been more evident than with today’s revelation that Matt Lauer of NBC’s Today Show was fired over sexual misconduct allegations.

The media talking heads on the morning shows were in shock and sadness over the revelations. Talking about how they could not understand it. Talking about their friend Matt Lauer. Talking about how is affects them while holding back tears.

Compare that with the revulsion these same media talking heads display when such allegations are directed at Republican politicians or right leaning broadcasters.

Clear media bias.

Just two months ago, Lauer interviewed Bill O’Reilly who was fired from FOX for similar allegations. Lauer presented his holier than thou journalistic attitude and grilled O’Reilly over such disturbing behavior. All the while he had been participating in similar behavior, according to the allegations.

Clear media hypocrisy.

See the interview below.

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