Attacks on Masculinity Are the Downfall of Society

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from Rush Limbaugh,

CALLER: I was listening to you while I was running errands today, and the thing with Princeton, can it get more ridiculous?

RUSH: Yeah. I wonder, like I said, would Princeton create a position to teach gays not to act gay? Can you imagine?

CALLER: Exactly. They would never do that.

RUSH: No way.


RUSH: But men acting as men is a problem. We need a commissioner. We need somebody to step in here and stop it. We need educational seminars. We need rehab. We need any number of things to get this masculinity off of our campus.

CALLER: It’s terrible. And I believe that’s the downfall of our society. Men aren’t allowed to be real men.

RUSH: She was calling in reaction to the news from Princeton that they’re setting up a person to guard against and advise against and to rehabilitate men that are too masculine on campus. “Princeton University’s ‘Men’s Engagement Manager’ to Battle Aggressive Masculinity,” which Angela here thinks they’re essentially going after men who behave as designed.

RUSH: But there has been a backlash to this. Angela, there are a lot of women — college age and recent graduates — who have grown up and lived under this foolishness, and they don’t want the kind of men that end up being pajama boys. Liberal women do. I mean, those are “real” men to them. But a lot of women are rejecting it. For public consumption is one thing. But when it really matters, they want a man.

RUSH: There’s a dearth of them. You’re right. I’ve seen story after story, women can’t find men. There’s not enough choose from. There’s a shortage of these kind of men. Because men will always do what they think they have to do to attract women.

RUSH: And if the news tells them that you gotta be more like a Pajama Boy and not be masculine, that’s what men will do. They’ll try to act whatever way they think they have to to get women because that’s the pursuit, and that’s how stuff works on men. Of course, you have some men who say, “Screw that! I’m gonna keep going. I’m not turn myself into whatever they want in men.” Those are the men that women actually end up with after experimenting with this liberal playground stuff, and there aren’t very many of them on balance. Because, as I say, men will readily do what they think they have to do to attract women or to be approved by women, whatever.

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