Venezuela is an example of what happens when you let the radical left lead

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from The Gray Area:

On Wednesday night, Venezuela’s Supreme Court ruled that it can take over responsibilities assigned to the opposition-controlled Congress. Opponents of President Nicolas Maduro are saying it’s part of an attempt to install a dictatorship in the South American nation.

Listen to this review from NPR:

Recognizing the world wide condemnation of this effort by the Supreme Court, Maduro has asked the Court to revisit their power grab. So has the Venezuelan Attorney General calling this unconstitutional.

Venezuela is split into Chavistas, the name given to the followers of the socialist policies of the late President Hugo Chavez, and those who cannot wait to see an end to the 17 years in power of his United Socialist Party (PSUV).

You may recall, when President Maturo’s mentor, previous President Hugo Chavez, came to power, the leftists in the media and Hollywood (Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore and others) were in vocal support of his policies and ideas.

They wanted President Obama to operate the same way and take over the machinery of the country the same way in the US. Now look at the catastrophe this has brought to Venezuela.

No jobs, growing desperate poverty, 1,660% inflation, broad economic scarcity, violence, shortages of food and medicine, local elections suspended, political prisoners behind bars for years, a Supreme Court that has consistently sided with Maduro’s government against Congress in ruling after ruling’, and one branch of government removing the authority of another branch of government. This is not a descent into dictatorship, but a dictatorship that has been in effect since Chavez took power.

Do you begin to get the sense of this happening in the US?

Political Courts. Think how the left, for 50 years, has wanted to stack the US Supreme Court with political supporters vs Constitutional scholars. Having come so very close to just that and falling short in 2016, they are casting their vindictiveness and hypocritical politics against the Republican appointee, Neil Gorsuch, who is clearly not a political pawn of his party, in one last attempt to stall the inevitable. Had the Democrats been successful in stacking the Supreme Court in 2016, what we are witnessing in Venezuela would be a future vision for the United States.

Silencing free speech. And, when Attorney General Luisa Ortega made her speech in opposition to the Courts ruling, the transmission of her talk was cut off. Sound like the college campuses in the US reaction to opposition views?
Remember, the Democrat’s leftist supporters, loved what Chavez did in Venezuela. A Socialist dictatorship vs a Constitutional Republic.

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